Patient ID Center Mission Statement

The goal of the Patient ID Center (PIDC) formally known as Oakland Cannabis Buyers' Cooperative (OCBC) is to provide seriously ill patients with a safe and reliable source of medical cannabis information and patient support. Our cooperative is open to all patients with a verifiable letter of recommendation for medical cannabis, used to alleviate or terminate the effects of their illnesses. The PIDC is currently unable to dispense medical cannabis due to local contracts to issue secure photo ID cards

Federal statutes currently prohibit the use of cannabis as medicine. However, scientific evidence, including anecdotal evidence, documents the relief that cannabis provides to many seriously ill patients. The cooperative is dedicated to reducing the harm these patients encounter due to the prohibition of cannabis.  Please visit our Cannabis Bookstore if you would like to research more on this issue.

PIDC's offices are multi-faceted facilities, accessible to people with disabilities. We provide a professional atmosphere for patients to obtain photo ID cards qualifying them under the Health and Safety Code section 11362.5, with trained member advocates on hand to offer advice and assistance. We also offer self-help services such as cultivation meetings (see our calendar). In addition, PIDC provides information on a variety of topics, including AIDS prevention and treatment, safe sex, and cannabis reform in general. 

The Patient ID Center currently operates under the auspices of California Proposition 215 and Oakland City Council Resolution No. 72516. Resolution 72516, and pursuant to Oakland Municipal Ordinance 8.42. Furthermore, the city has appointed a working group to oversee PIDC functions and to determine the most effective means to protect and assist seriously ill patients.