Our Services

  • We issue Secure ID Cards to cannabis patients and caregivers to assist in the safe access of medical cannabis; previously known as Oakland Cannabis Buyers' Cooperative (OCBC).
  • Provider group referral listings for medical cannabis with ID Card.
  • 25 Hr. Online Verification for Medical Cannabis Providers and Law Enforcement
  • 24 Hr. Hotline pager/voicemail for emergency law Enforcement use.
  • Certificate to post in patient's garden with physician's recommendation.
  • Hemp Store with Books, Clothing, Growing Supplies, Assistive Devices for use of medicine.
  • Education, Advocacy and Referrals to other groups / Cultivation classes for members.

Please See it our Way

Keep in mind that Patient ID Center is a health organization. Our services are for those who suffer from serious illnesses and disabilities. Non-medical inquiries for cannabis are neither appreciated nor tolerated.

We do not send, mail or ship cannabis

This site provides information for patients using medical cannabis through their doctors' recommendation; and exists because the voters and the State Legislature of California said yes to providing cannabis for medical use.

Please don't test the law by trying to establish illegal transactions via this site.